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How It All Started

Years ago, one of my former teachers, Mrs. Cooper, asked me to come back to Ste. Gen to talk to her classes about some of my work/travels. I had been working on a show for The Discovery Channel that took me to archeological sites in Belize and Egypt. Mrs. Cooper's students had been studying archeology, so it seemed only fitting. I had lots of pictures, stories, and information to share. Around the same time, my old friend Mrs. Staffen, who was also a teacher at SGHS, had also asked me to speak to her students about my career as an audio mixer for tv and film.


Meaning behind the overalls

I was injured while on a work trip and ended up in a leg brace for a bit. I needed something to keep me busy since I wasn't moving around all that much. I had seen on my travels how people would buy patches of where they had gone and sewn them on their backpacks. Now that I had the time, it was a great project to keep me busy. I bought all the patches of the places I had already been, but quickly realized that a backpack wouldn't have given me enough room. Plus, I knew that I was going to keep traveling and collecting more patches from then on. I bought on old pair of overalls just because I liked them and thought it would be cool to cover them in patches. I began sewing and sewing. I now add a patch for every new country I travel to.

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