A GIANT THANK YOU to all the family and friends that have discussed, given feedback, ideas, concerns, resources and overall helped to create/build this whole project with me. You all have shown me consistent support no matter how crazy my ideas or endeavors may appear. I am grateful for all the contributions that you you all have made to my life.
Special thanks to Laura Wharton at LeLeConcepts for designing The Patched Overalls logo. I love it!!
Special thanks to Ken Calcaterra at Visual Story Group for the outstanding work done on the video. Also, special thanks to Jonothan Michael Brewer II, Jordan Upchurch, Morgan Grither, Desirae Reed, Tyson Roth, Adam Schwent, Dan Lurk, Marissa Gonz, and Lucas Palmer for volunteering to be a part of the video. I cannot express how appreciative I am for all that y'all gave to this project.
Of course a special thanks to Chris Hoehne, Principal of Ste Genevieve High School, for the constant support and motivation. Also, special thanks to the staff and faculty of Ste Genevieve High School, Library and Mr Russ Toombs, High School Counselor.

Special thanks to Jodessa Bowman for being on every step of this and always giving me honest feedback.

Special thanks to Tony Puyol, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper, Molly Reid, Beth Irving, Sam Nassar, Carissa McBride, Lindsey Ellis, and Peter Leritz. Each of you has walked with me in a major way through my life. And y'alls input and support on this endeavor has been incredibly valuable. You are all very special to me and I am forever grateful to know you.


SPECIAL THANKS to Carrie Staffen! None of this would have ever come about without her. She saw more in me than I did myself. Helped guide me onto this path and continues to support me at every turn. She is really the mastermind and driving force behind this whole thing.

Thank you to everyone that has given us time, money, support, etc!! Your continued giving is what keeps us going. This is all possible because of you. THANK YOU!!!!