How this works!!

The initial sign up will start during the fall semester (Sept or Oct). Eligible students will have approximately two weeks to complete and turn in all forms to the library.

Sign Up Requirements:

1.) Be a junior at the time of applying.

2.) Be a full time student at the partnering high school

(not currently suspended for disciplinary reason)

3.) A completed Patched Overalls Application
4.) A signed Parent Permission For
and Notice of Intent to Fulfill Obligations

No student with late or incomplete entries will be allowed to continue with the application process.


All due dates are subject to change depending on the school's schedule. All specific dates and changes will be updated/shared at the school, via our social media and/or emailed to the applicants.

The applicants will now begin creating a proposal explaining what is needed to accomplish their intended goal and why they have chosen it. The time frame for this step is between 3-6 weeks, again depending on the schedule of the school and the Patched Overalls Selection Committee.

-Research the youth program or experience they want to attend
-Put together a realistic budget of all estimated costs

-Effectively communicate how the experience will positively influence their lives
-Explain how they intend to share what they have learned when they return home

The students must:

The students need to organize all of this information into a structured proposal that clearly explains their plan to the selection committee.


Click here

to see a list of the important topics that must be addressed during the proposal.


Click here

to see a bit of advice from other students about how they would prepare. You will also see a couple bits of advice from Tyson Schaffner.




All student proposals will be made before Thanksgiving (or as close to then as possible). About a week before, there will be a sign up sheet in the library for the students to put the best time for them to give their proposal within a designated time frame (usually 1-3 days depending on the number of applicants). Any and all accommodations will be made to make sure all the students are seen by the entire selection committee within that time frame.


There will be a 15 minute time limit for each proposal. The students are encouraged to use their imagination when giving their proposal. The students are free to do whatever they feel can best and most effectively address every topic necessary for the proposal.


This is the time for each student to really show the passion they have for the experience they intend to do, in whatever way they choose to show it.  Along with that passion, it is important to show the realistic logistical concerns and budget estimations needed to make make this proposal a reality. The students should be prepared to answer any questions from the committee should further explanation of their proposal be wanted or needed.

After all proposals have finished, the selection committee will take up to one week to deliberate before making a final decision.

Some of the things the committee will be judging on are:

-the educational, cultural, and/or experiential merit of the intended experience
-the passion of the student
-how much work went into the proposal
-the potential positive impact on the student
-how the student plans on sharing their experience when they return home
-how thorough has the student researched the logistics and created a realistic estimated budget of the experience
-likeliness of the student to follow through with the obligations of keeping a journal and sharing the experience



Once the committee has selected who will receive the Patched Overalls Scholarship, Tyson Schaffner will contact that student to notify them. In order to officially receive the award, and before any arrangements are booked for the student's experience, the parents/guardians of the student must fill out a Release of Liability and Waiver Form. Once the signed Release of Liability is returned to Tyson Schaffner, then the process of booking the student's experience with their parents/guardians may begin.

***The student will have 1 full year to redeem the award once they have been notified.***


***The award will be used to cover program costs, transportation costs, and lodging costs only. Not to exceed $2,500.***


***The student's proposed plan can exceed the $2,500 award limit BUT anything over $2,500 is the responsibility of the student.***

***The Patched Overalls Experience will pay for everything directly to the necessary companies. No cash or check will be given directly to the student or parents/guardians.***

***The Patched Overalls Experience will NOT cover any costs or fees if the awarded student has to reschedule or loses a spot in a program once initial dates are set.***

***If the awarded student needs to cancel their proposed program or experience, any possible refunds will go back into the Patched Overalls Experience scholarship fund.***

***The Board of Directors has the right to deny this award (regardless of the Selection Committee) to whomever they feel is not acting within the scope and philosophy of the scholarship experience.***


***There will be no cash or check payouts and the money must be used for the proposed plan brought forth by student.***


***Should the student's proposed plan not require the full $2,500, the remaining award balance will be kept in The Patched Overalls Experience scholarship fund.***


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